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Chibi's Furiends, Inc. is a non-profit organization, incorporated in Jeffersonville, Indiana. We are a fully foster-based animal rescue.

We incorporated in March 2018 with the goal to pull animals at risk for euthanasia across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We fully vaccinate them, get them spayed/neutered, and find homes either locally or in northern states where laws for animal cruelty are much stricter. We call it "a chance for a better life" up north.


Chibi is a 3 legged, 1 1/2 eyed (he is blind in his half eye) beagle, yorkie mix that was a result of overbreeding. His human parents fostered for a wonderful organization that took him into rescue after being found on facebook being given away for free. Unfortunately, a lot of dog fighters grab free/cheap dogs to use as bait. Chibi's human mom didn't want that to happen to him when she saw his disabilities and oh so cute face. They fell in love with his outgoing personality, will to overcome obstacles, and passion for running on 3 legs everywhere he goes. Instead of placing him for adoption after he was neutered, they decided to "foster fail" and adopted him into their family. Chibi makes friends with anyone and everyone he meets: hooman or furry. He loves being a foster brother to dogs in need; helping rehabilitate them with love, play, and cuddles. Everyone needs a furiend.


Chibi's Furiends works with rescues out of state to transport our furry kids to a better life. Unfortunately, Kentucky is ranked #50 in the USA for animal cruelty laws. Meaning, very few, if any, animal cruelty cases get prosecuted in Kentucky. Dogs often live on chains or in cages, neglected, abused, overbred, not spayed/neutered; sometimes their entire life... Unless they get lucky and are found by an animal advocate, either being given away for free on social media, dumped at a shelter, or running free as a stray.


Mommy says, "Chibi, you were born for a reason and you're going to do great things in your life." I believe she's right. I might be lacking in limbs, but I'm not lacking in love.

I'm ready to SAVE THEM ALL! 

- Chibi


Ranked 50th in animal protection laws: Kentucky.



Check out his BLOG.

Chibi is an outgoing little guy with a lot to say. Check out his latest adventures, stories about his new friends, and watch him grow into a little man that's just running a little rescue to help his corner of the world.


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