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Until one has loved an animal, a part on one's soul remains unawakened.

- Anatole France

What does TNR stand for?

Why do we TNR?

What does TNR involve?

How does Chibi's Furiends help the feral cat population?

Through trap n release, we believe we are curbing the overpopulation problem and cat gang problem. It's a real thing, folks! Cats become territorial and start gang fights, very much like the "Secret Life with Pets" movie. When this happens, resident pet kitties can get hurt. #StopCatThugLife 

FAQ: "Why don't you trap and then euthanize them?"

Geez, calm down. Calmmmm dowwwwnnnn. We don't believe that is very humane or very nice. Feral cats help control mice and rodent issues. Don't see mice in your home? Thank a feral cat. #SeriouslyThankThem #CoFounderAintGotTimeForDatMouseHouse

Why is it important to spay/neuter?

Why doesn't Chibi's Furiends foster and find homes for cats?

Simply put, the co-founder of Chibi's Furiends is allergic to cats. We believe there are great cat rescues in the local area that know a lot more about cats than we do. However, the founders want to do what they can to help the feral kitties in need. It's a hard life on the streets, at the very least we can feed them and make sure they don't continue to overpopulate.

Meet Michelle, our "crazy cat lady":

Michelle is our resident "crazy cat lady." She is devoted to making sure our neighborhood's feral cat population has a full belly. Sacrificing her time and sleep, Michelle religiously feeds the kitties everyday.



Feed the Ferals

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