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We would like to thank our donors and our business donors for all you do to help us in our mission.

Canine Wellness Lab

Canine wellness lab is the sister company to Max and Neo Dog Gear. For every hemp product you purchase, they will donate 1 to a rescue of your choice. We would be very thankful if you choose our rescue as we are always in need of calming aids for our newbies coming in from the shelter.

Max and Neo Dog Gear

Max and Neo is a company that donates 1 for 1 collars and gear. For every purchase you make, they send a collar to a rescue. We are very thankful to Max and Neo for the collars they send us as it frees us to redirect resources to medical bills for our kiddos.

Glad Dogs Nation

Glad Dogs donates gently used stuffed animals that have been repurposed into dog toys to rescues. They cut out the hard plastic eyes and noses, replacing them with dog friendly felt flowers. They also do a little heart surgery and insert squeakers. Our kiddos love their glad dogs toys!

Indy Humane

Indy Humane offers a rescue relief program where we can stock up on food for our fosters. We are extremely grateful for their hard work for the Indiana shelters and rescues. 

PetSmart Charities

PetSmart not only hosts our adoption events but donates to our organization annually based on our adoption numbers. Our local petsmarts also have food and toy drives for our pups that help us tremendously.

Check out our current partners: Clarksville, IN PetSmart.

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