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From Thug Shelter Life to Furever Furiends


The sweet things have been adopted into their forever homes.

Please do not submit an application on them as we will not process it.

For current adoptables: Adoptable Furiends

Fitzgerald Grant III
Colton Underwood
(now Kevin)
Jimmy Kimmel
(now Chimi Chuga)
Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan
(now Leia)
Cola Coke
Yang Wu
(now Daisy)
Nash Bridges
(now Simba)
Howie "Chim"ney Han
(now Sammy)
Shaggy Boombastic
Grant Ward
(now Emmett)
Melinda May
(now Louise)
Monkey Ulu Bread
(now Chance)
Pumbaa H. Matata
Natalya "Nattie" Neidhart
Luke Skywalker
Marsh Mallow
(now Finn)
Kanani Mato "Panda"
(now Boo Bear)
Chance J. Fox
(now Luca)
Bandit Butters
Mr. Feeny
(now Leroy)
Zeus Thunderbolt
(now Tito)
Hera Kazoku
(now Alice)
Natasha Baryshnikov
(now Kanga)
Mishka Baryshnikov
(now Mia)
Bernadette Wolowitz
(now Biscuit)
Amy Farrah Fowler
(now Lucy)
Mary Cooper
(now Rizzo)
Topanga Lawrence
(now Panga)
Halley Wolowitz
(now Reese)
Shirley Temple (now Abby)
Adopted Apr 2018.
From being chained to a tree to living the high life sleeping in a bed with her new mama, Shirley is excited to be in doggie heaven. She now goes by Abby but will be furever grateful to her foster mama for saving her from a life outside being overbred.

Abby is now spayed and gets to eat gourmet meals with her 2 new siblings. She also has access to tons of bones and couch life.

Welcome to a better world, Abby. May you have many happy tails with your new mama and siblings.
Cory Matthews
(now Rory) Adopted Apr 2018.
Our second "foster fail." Cory Matthews became Rory after his foster mama fell in love with him the first night he was at her house.

Cory is a timid guy that's learning to trust and come out of his shell, after spending 9 months at the shelter. He has 2 fur siblings to run around and play with.

Happy Tails, Rory!
Morgan Matthews
Adopted Apr 2018.
Morgan made herself at home on her meet and greet. She claimed the 9 year old little boy as her own and convinced him to take her as his best furiend.

We get updates of Morgan playing, going for long walks, and wrestling with her boy. She occasionally gets to go on a jaunt to Indiana and explore the farm life. She loves running in the big open fields and playing fetch.

We are so excited for Morgan to grow up with her little boy. Happy Tails, Morgan! 🐶
Little Miss Muffet
Adopted March 2018.
🎶Little Miss Muffet
gonna sit on a tuffet
to listen to Jimmy Buffet...🎶

That's what Muffet's silly foster mama sang to her on the way to her new home. She's a happy pup that's just enjoying her new life of freedom and play.

🤔 Happy Tails to Muffet!
Koishi "Minkus"
Adopted Mar 2018
Our first official rescue and first foster fail. Koishi "Minkus" found a boy bond in his brudder, Chibi, & neither want to part ways.

This little guy came to us with the claim that he is too aggressive with other dogs & jumps on kids, as a 4 mo old puppy... You can make your own conclusions about what we thought about that B.S....

Happy Tails Minkus! May you always know love, always smile when your mama finds a pile of your poop in her kitchen, & furever hoard your toys.
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