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We work very closely with Danielle Ames from Kentuckiana Alpha Paws. She is incredible with training everyone from our easy babies to our most difficult "problem children." She will assess what the dogs need and work with them to correct the issue. Our favorite boy that was returned 4 times to our rescue -- Blue Winslow -- ended up becoming Danielle's favorite, also. He had some quirks and uncontrollable excitement to work out, but ended up being adopted by Danielle after his short stay with her. He now knows "place" (stay), "come", "leave it", "off", and can hold a treat on his nose until given permission to eat it. We cannot say enough good things about our trainer.

Book her today! You seriously won't regret it!


-Dianne Sturgeon, Treasurer/Intake Coodinator


Alpha Paws

Danielle ames


"I was a  military police officer with the Kentucky Army National Guard from 2000 to 2012. During that time, I went on three deployments to Cuba, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I learned, quite well, what good leadership can do for people  and it is no different for dogs. I was like most dog lovers, always had dogs in my life and often used "old school' methods for "training" them, like swatting them or rubbing their nose in a potty accident. I even trained my deaf Boxer with hand signals. Then, a few years ago, I got an unusually anxious Boxer who did not respond well to any of those aggressive methods. I went looking for help. What I found was Jo-Thor's Dog Trainers' Academy and the Leadership Method. As a student, I was hungry for knowledge and excelled in my studies. Now, I am an Instructor for the academy and get to share my knowledge with other Veterans in the Jo-Thor program while serving my local community as well."

- Danielle Ames

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