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"Fe He He He Heenay!"

Anyone a huge Boy Meets World fan like our co-founder/treasurer? If so, then you get the reference to the Feeny call. Our Co-founder/Treasurer is unashamed of the fact that she calls Mr. Feeny in from the backyard with the Feeny Call. He loves it! We're pretty sure the neighbors do, too. Or at least they tolerate it? 🤔

Mr. Feeny is a beautiful brindle greyhound mix that spent around 6 months in jail. Chibi posted his bail in April 2018 and he's loving being a free man. Mr Feeny claims that he was falsely imprisoned but he learned a lot while in the slammer. He spent most of his time there brushing up on his quantum physics.


He loves to garden, sun bathe, and read history books on his down time. He's currently looking for a new young chap to tutor.

He's a calm dude that gets along with everyone, even the wilder dogs of the bunch. He's always handing out wisdom to them and is often found in our co-founder's back yard chatting it up with Topanga Lawrence, who is also available for adoption. (Corey Matthews already got adopted but he was always a keen listener to what Mr. Feeny had to say.)

Mr. Feeny's adoption fee is $150 which includes neuter, microchip, up to date on all vaccinations, and heart worm negative.

To apply to adopt this sweet guy, head on over to our ADOPTION APPLICATION.

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