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Jovie T. Elf

Jovie T. Elf is an adorable blend of chihuahua and wire haired terrier. She is about 3 years old and 15 pounds.

When her owner passed away, she found herself scared and alone at the shelter wondering what was going on. Upon arrival to Chibi's Furiends, she was shaking and not understanding all of the changes taking place. But Jovie has warmed up to her fosters and come out of her shell.

She needs someone who is patient and understanding of the fact that she is shy and takes a hot minute to figure out that she likes you. But once she does, she will sit in your lap for hours wanting to be pet and just cuddle or she will give you a comedy show by chasing her tail and toys around the room.

We are also looking for a home that understands that Jovie needs regular grooming, baths, and special combs because of her hair type. It's this weird, wirey blend that can easily mat if not properly taken care of. It needs to be trimmed regularly around her eyes, as well, to prevent tears and infections. For this reason, her adoption fee is higher than our adult fee in order to cover part of her grooming fees while in her foster home. (Rescues incur more costs than the adoption fee and run on donations and fundraisers to make up that difference. If you would like to donate, please check out our donation page. If you would like to help us fundraise, please contact us.)

Her adoption fee is $200 and includes heart worm negative test, spay, age appropriate vaccines, deworming and grooming costs while she's been in rescue.

Want to meet this silly, sweet girl? Put in an application today.

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