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Fostering Saves Lives! When we have foster families to open their homes to dogs in need, we are able to save more dogs.


Our foster families are the heart of our organization. We cannot say or express enough how much we love and appreciate our foster families.


When you foster, you open your home to a dog that would otherwise be euthanized at the shelter. We only accept fosters in Louisville, KY or Jeffersonville/Clarksville/New Albany, IN, at this time.


It varies. Some dogs stay here to be adopted locally in the Louisville Metro Area. Some dogs get picked by rescues that we work with in other states to be adopted out and get scheduled for transport. Unfortunately, Kentucky is ranked #50 for animal protection laws. Fortunately, there are amazing people working against evil to save lives. Some donate to local rescues working to save dogs facing euthanasia, others volunteer to transport, some open their homes up to dogs in need, and pour their love and energy into that life, one dog at a time.


Short answer: you can choose to foster for 2 weeks while a dog waits for vetting and then transport. Or you can foster until they are adopted locally. It depends on what works for your family and your time schedule. We appreciate our donors, volunteers, and foster families for making our rescue successful.


It's FREE! All expenses are paid for by the rescue. Vaccines, health certificates, and spay/neuter are done by our local vet.  Chibi's Furiends covers food, kennels, collars, leashes, and supplies needed to give our furbabies the best home experience while they wait to find their forever family.


1. Fill out our foster application and submit.

2. We will review your application and conduct reference checks.

3. We will set up a home visit.

4. If approved, we will start placing dogs in need with foster families that best suit them. 

Chibi's Furiends, Inc. has the right to deny any application for any reason at any time. We look to find the best homes for our dogs to live while they wait to find their adoptive family. Often times, these dogs have suffered abuse, neglect, and lack basic manners/house training etiquette in addition to suffering the heart break of being thrown in doggie jail; all before arriving at Chibi's Furiends. We will not place a dog in a home that is not the best fit for both the family and the dog.



A Foster Family

Most common statement: "I don't think I could give a dog up that I've become attached to."

It's heart breaking to let an animal go that you've poured time, energy, and love into. If you have been approved to foster for Chibi's Furiends, we always put our fosters first because we know the sacrifices you make to help further our mission. If you absolutely cannot part with a dog that you've taken into your home because you've fallen in love, we call that a "foster failure." We rejoice that it found such a loving place to spend it's life.


But sometimes, we need a reminder that if we keep them all, we can't save others. We do our best to get updates from adoptive families and make new friends along our journey to saving dogs.


Fostering can be the most heart breaking, yet most rewarding experience. Take the leap! 


​​Help make a difference and apply to
foster today!

​If you would like to become a foster family, please fill out our application. Opening your home and hearts to save a life is extremely rewarding.


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